Premium Listing Video

Our most immersive and cinematic video designed to highlight all of the key selling points of your listing while presenting you and your team as the top real estate professionals in your market. 


With our Premium Listing Video you're not just buying the best real estate video available in the Twin Cities, you're investing in a completely custom, boutique marketing tool tailored to match you or your team's brand. 


The video will adhere to all brand standards you have developed including fonts, colors, agent and broker logos and tag lines.  It will also feature animated titles and dynamic transitions to keep viewers engaged and wow future clients. 

The video WILL NOT feature the Press Play Media logo or branding at the end or anywhere else.  This is your marketing piece, not ours.  


A non-branded MLS-compliant video is also included as well an agent branded webpage (example) featuring any all property info you choose to provide and a Google map showing the location as well as links back to your website and calls to action that drive leads directly to your inbox.  

Choose a 1 or 2 minute runtime.  If a longer video is required a version of the video will also be delivered that has been trimmed into two parts so that it can be posted in full to Instagram.  

Prices for 1 minute/2 minute:

Up to 2500 SF:  $425/$525

2501 to 3000 SF:  $475/$557

3001 to 4000 SF:  $500/$600

4001 to 5000 SF:  $550/$650

5001 to 6000 SF:  $600/$700

6001 to 7000 SF:  $650/$750

7001 to 8000 SF:  $700/$800

8001 to 9000 SF:  $750/$850

9001 to 10000 SF:  $800/$900

10,000 to 12,000 SF:  $850/$950

12,001 to 15,000 SF:  $1000/$1100

Add Aerial Video:  $100

Agent on Camera: $250

Classic Listing Video

Beautiful and affordable.  This is a one minute video with agent/broker branding and basic cuts and titles.  A non-branded MLS compliant video is included as well a Zillow compliant video.

1 Minute Video:  $250

Add Aerial:  $100

Add Agent on Camera:  $250